By Meagan O'Mahoney
WWI goals vs. WWII goals
  • Paragraph 1
    • Germany�s goals in WWI
      • National prestige- to be manifested by expanding their colonial empire
      • Become a world power- Germany was essentially a European power without much influence worldwide
      • To stop Unrestricted Warfare by the Germans allow people to Travel seas from harm
      • Peacefully end the war
      • Make WWI be the last war of wars
    • Austria-Hungary's goals in WWI
      • Defeat Serbia
      • Discourage nationalism- tearing Austria-Hungary apart
      • Solidify position as a power since Germany is now unified
  • Paragraph 2
    • Germany's goals in WWII
      • Gain back lands taken from them in Treaty of Versailles
      • Hitler wanted to create an Aryan race, would be the perfect socitey
    • US goals in WWII
      • Stop Germany from destorying the U.S. shipping
      • Stop Japan from taking over all the islands of the Pacific
    • Big Three's goals in WWII
      • Create the United Nations
      • End the war
      • Split Germany into four occupied zones (US, France, Soviet, and England)
      • Germany would be demilitarized and denazified
      • Stop Japan